Welcome to the District of Columbia Office of Unemployment Compensation
Welcome to the District of Columbia Office of Unemployment Compensation


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Important UI Facts

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Looking To The Future: Upcoming Plans For Improvement

New Technology | Better Communication | More Resources

DOES is committed to meeting the needs of our customers and partners through a high-quality customer contact experience. In support of this goal, we have secured additional funding to help enhance our programs and services for unemployment compensation. Our recent efforts have inspired new and thoughtful initiatives that will make a difference in the lives of our residents. With improvement plans underway for technology, communication, and resources, we are excited about the opportunity to provide DC residents with the world-class customer service they deserve.


  • Upgrade the UI tax and benefits system to make processes easier and faster
  • Add new DOES Virtual Agent feature to improve efficiency and provide real-time responses online


Improve UI operations and customer interaction by providing focused staff training and adding new hires to the Contact Center


Increase awareness of the available resources, benefit programs, and services to meet temporary wage needs