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Find a Job

The DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) remains a committed partner to the District’s workforce. The agency supports training and job placement efforts through a variety of services and programs that help DC residents secure a pathway to reemployment.

DOES and partner organizations currently offer the following resources:

Program or Service



DC Networks

The DC Networks website is a one-stop portal that provides access to job search tools, job announcements, and other employment-related resources.


The American Job Center (AJC)

AJC sites provide career counseling and planning to help DC residents find employment, develop job skills, and explore new career options. Each center provides support for the District’s workforce population, including seniors and veterans.

Website: American Job Center

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (202) 727-9675

Services & Eligibility Assessment (RESEA)

The RESEA program works with business partners across the District to reemploy active job seekers and ex-service members who receive UI benefits. Program services include enrollment in the Job Bank, focused job search support, and one-on-one coaching to develop an individual reemployment plan.

The AJCs are now accepting in-person meetings for RESEA participants. Claimants may be randomly selected from a pool of eligible candidates to participate in the program.

Website: Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants

DC Infrastructure Academy (DCIA)

DCIA trains and recruits residents to secure infrastructure jobs with leading companies in this high-demand field. Service categories include commercial driving, energy and utilities, auto mechanics, and solar panel installation.

Website: DC Infrastructure Academy

DC Career Connections (DCCC)

DCCC is a work readiness program designed to provide unemployed young adults with opportunities to gain valuable work experience, skills training, and individualized coaching. The program actively seeks to engage District youth who reside in targeted Police Service Areas (PSAs) across the District.

Website: DC Career Connections

Out-of-School Program

The Out-of-School Program serves young adults ages 16-24 who are no longer attending secondary or post-secondary school. The program provides occupational skills training, career counseling, work readiness support, basic education, GED preparation, internship experiences, as well as vocational skills training.

Website: Out-of-School Program

Project Empowerment

Project Empowerment helps to reduce economic disparity in the District by serving thousands of individuals with multiple barriers to employment. The program’s work readiness model is designed to provide unemployed District residents with opportunities to grow in education, training, and subsidized employment placements each year. Project Empowerment achieves its mission of moving participants into the workforce by partnering with government, non-profit, and private businesses across the DMV area to recruit, train, match, and coach candidates for successful employment.

Website: Project Empowerment Program

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

SCSEP is a job training program that provides paid work experience for low-income, unemployed District residents who are age 55 or older. The program promotes pathways to economic self-sufficiency for seniors and provides businesses with qualified and reliable workers.

Website: Senior Community Service Employment Program

DOES will continue to support services and programs that meet the changing needs of DC’s workforce. To learn more about the available employment resources, please visit and click on Services.