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DOES UI Modernization Project

Unemployment Insurance Modernization Project

The Mayor’s recent investment in the Department of Employment Services (DOES) will support major improvements in core services for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program. As part of this effort, DOES will upgrade or “modernize” systems and processes for unemployment benefits, employer taxes, and the online claimant portal. These enhancements will:

  • Improve customer service delivery
  • Eliminate manual, time-consuming processes
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Improve security and privacy
  • Ensure ongoing maintenance and support

The UI modernization initiative will provide customers and partners with a streamlined experience across multiple business functions. In support of this project, DOES has engaged the following technology vendors and business partners:

  • On Point Technology
  • Sagetic
  • Geo Solutions
  • SalesForce
  • MTX
  • KPMG

Benefits Modernization

The modern UI Benefits system will make it easier for customers to file claims and access information about benefits. As part of the improved process and new features, claimants will have the ability to:

  • Save and resume a certification while advancing through questions
  • View a certification summary for previous transactions
  • Select communication preferences such as email, messaging center, and text
  • View additional information for adjudication, appeals, and overpayment
  • Securely upload documents required for a claim

Tax System Modernization

The UI tax modernization will deliver a high-functioning system that is customer-focused, interactive, secure, and effective. This upgraded technology solution will provide enhanced UI Tax program services to meet the needs of the agency’s customers and partners. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Data accuracy and reporting capabilities in a secure electronic portal
  • User-friendly features and self-service capabilities that provide easy access to information and online help
  • Electronic document management to improve efficiencies
  • Added system functionality to prevent improper benefit payments

CLICK HERE to download the DCETS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

CLICK HERE to download the payment allocation file format specification document for use when DCETS goes live.

CLICK HERE to download the wage file specification document for use when DCETS goes live.

CLICK HERE to download the UC30 Form for use when DCETS goes live.

CLICK HERE to download the UC30H Form for use when DCETS goes live.

CLICK HERE to download Form 226 for use when DCETS goes live.

CLICK HERE to dowload the UI Tax Employer Handbook.

Optimum UI

Optimum UI is the first step in the process to modernize DOES’ systems and business processes. During the initial phase, claimants can navigate to the Optimum Claimant Portal from both the landing page and existing Web-based Employment Benefits System (WEBS) Claimant Services. The enhanced portal will make UI services more accessible by offering the following improvements:

  • User-friendly screens and content for simpler site navigation
  • New mobile access features that make weekly certification easier
  • The ability to access benefits information from major internet browsers, excluding Internet Explorer, as well as any device, such as mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers