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About Us

“I am proud to lead a team of professionals who are dedicated to serving DC customers and partners across all eight wards. The Department of Employment services is reimagining the way we deliver critical workforce services to residents and businesses. I am excited about our recent efforts to improve the administration of unemployment benefits and the energy around our new direction. We will continue to elevate the service we provide to our customers as we strive to realize our greatest potential as a community.”

—Dr. Unique Morris-Hughes, Director of Department of Employment Services

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The DC Office of Unemployment Compensation (OUC) is a resource to help DC residents, workers, and employers overcome workforce challenges. As one of the City’s economic first responders, the primary goal of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program is to provide temporary wage replacement to eligible unemployed individuals. This support also helps to stimulate the local economy by maintaining a level of consumer spending during an economic decline.


We are a service-focused agency with a commitment to:


Technology Resources

Engage unemployed and displaced DC residents and workers as they secure the next pathway to re-enter the workforce

Serve every customer and partner while providing access to helpful information

Increase awareness of the available resources, benefit programs, and services to meet temporary wage needs